The Best Eating In Barretto and Baloy Beach.

My second top interest is food.  Subic Bay is blessed with many good restaurants.  This list is the top ten in my opinion, but anyone of another 10 could have easily been on the list. 

Mango's - This is my #1 without question. I eat there two or sometimes three times per week. The menu is large and the food is excellent. The employees are very friendly. The beach side atmosphere is very pleasant. 
Sit-N-Bull - A long time favorite with a large menu and lots of good comfort food. I usually have one of the many daily specials. I have never been disappointed. 
Dryden Cantina: A wide variety of food. They have the best Mexican food, in my opinion. Also my favorite pizza is there. 
Arizona - Their menu is large and the food is good. It has been a favorite of mine since my first trip. The Chicken Curry might be the best in town.
Palm Tree - The largest menu in town, though everything is not always available. I call the menu an encyclopedia. I have had nothing but excellent there.  The Sunday roasts are excellent. It is nice in the early evening to sit out on the second floor deck.
Mangrove - The restaurant and setting are gorgeous.  Excellent food and a recently expanded menu.  The best Chicken Adobo, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Burgers.  
Treasure Island - Great setting by the pool and under the palms looking out to the bay. I have had several great meals there. The service is good. The pizza also rates high with me.  
Bingo's - Technically not in the Barretto area, but close enough (short trike ride of 2 kilometers from the center of Barretto). They are the number one value food restaurant.  Excellent food at very affordable prices.  They have good Italian food.  The Mexican food is a good value.  Jumbo tacos are 90 pesos. Two tacos are more than enough for a meal.   My girlfriend loves their Filipino food.  Their baked goods are worth the trip alone.  
Angel's Bakery - There is a small kitchen and the food (small menu) is good and well priced. The bakery goods are by far the best in town.
Playa Papagayo - A lovely outdoor garden setting. Small menu. They have Mexican food. The large chicken quesadillas are excellent. The fried chicken is excellent. The service is very professional. 
The Best Of List:
Best all around restaurant - Mango's
Best pizza - Dryden Cantina (this is the most competitive category). 
Best fries - Mango's
Best Chicken Curry - Arizona
Best ice cream - Sit-N-Bull
Best fish - Mango's
Best Mexican - Dryden Cantina
Best Chicken Cordon Bleu - Mangrove
Best Comfort Food From The US - Sit-N-Bull
Best Chopsuey - Mango's
Best outdoor view of the bay - Palm Tree (second level patio)
Best waitresses - Mango's
Best garden setting - Playa Papagayo
Best fried chicken - Playa Papgayo
Best Chicken Teriyaki - The Pub
Best Garlic Bread - The Pub
Best Chicken Adobo - Mangrove
Best Mongolian Barbecue - Mango's
Best Special Sunday Roast - Palm Tree
Best Spaghetti - Angel's Bakery
Best Sandwiches - Sit-N-Bull  A huge selection on a seperate menu. 
Best beer selection - Harley's
Best Salmon - Harley's
Best Tea - Mango's
Best Roast Chicken - Mango's
Best baked goods - Angel's Bakery/Restaurant
Best Steaks - Mango's